Current as of the 26th of November 2021

On this page you will find useful information about the current restrictions in Mallorca, things you need to know before travelling and during your stay. You can check all the data about cases and the vaccination process in English here.

You can also find out more about travelling to Spain and the Balearics on the following official portal Travel Safe. Some of the information below has been pulled from that website.

Restrictions in the Balearics Islands

if you are travelling to the Balearic Islands, please check this website (in English, Spanish, Catalan and German).


Indoors: 100% capacity. 

Outdoors: 100% capacity.


Open without restriction.


Closing 04:00 hours. 75% Capacity indoors and 100% outdoors.

Limitations on social gatherings

Gatherings of different households allowed but caution is advised.

Face mask use

From 26th June, the face mask will not be mandatory in outdoor spaces as long as you can respect social distancing. However, the face mask will be mandatory in indoor or closed spaces, including public transport.

Travel insurance

La Dirección General de Turismo has planned for summer 2021 a protocol of care through accommodation (bridge hotels) on all the islands for visitors who test positive in COVID-19. The service will be free of charge, including medical assistance in the public health system. Find out more about bridge hotels below.
Establishment of maximum prices for diagnostic tests: until the end of the health crisis situation is declared, the Balearic Government has established the following maximum prices: PCR €75; antigen tests €30.
All visitors (national and international) staying overnight in their accommodation will have an insurance policy that will cover the costs of repatriation or return to their usual place of residence after discharge or death of the patient, as well, an interpreter service (remotely or in-person) and compensation for extension of stay caused by COVID-19. The insurance will be effective from the moment of registration in the register of the first establishment on any island where the patient stays and for as long as he/she remains in the Autonomous Community.
Call centre: available in three languages (Spanish, German and English).

Other information here (only in Spanish).

Bridge Hotels

To offer adequate health care in the Balearic Islands, certain hotels have been enabled (bridge hotels) on each of the islands. Bridge hotels are establishments that have been adapted to isolate suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, with mild symptoms or asymptomatic and for the quarantine of their close contacts that do not have a possibility of self-isolate on their residence.

Find out more here (Spanish and English)

Travel from the UK

In the United Kingdom, each nation (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) has its own set of rules for non-essential international travel. Travelling to Spain for non-essential reasons from the United Kingdom is no longer prohibited.

You can get up to date information on the rules here.

Entry requirements in Spain

Spain welcomes all travellers coming from the United Kingdom. Some information is provided below in order to make your journey comfortable, easy and safe.

In order to enter into Spain, you must present a vaccination certificate, showing that you have received the full vaccination programme, OR a Diagnostic Certificate, showing you have tested negative for COVID.

1.1. Vaccination certificate (at least 14 days from the last dose of vaccination). Accepted vaccines: Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, Jansen/Johnson&Johnson, Sinovac y Sinopharm. The vaccination certificate must include at least the following information:

Name and surname of the holder.Vaccination date, indicating the date of the last dose administered.Type of vaccine administered. The number of doses administered / complete regimen.Issuing country.Identification of the issuing body of the vaccination certificate.

1.2. Diagnostic certificate. The diagnostic certificate must illustrate a negative COVID-19 test result (NAAT type, e.g TMA, PCR, LAMP & NEAR) issued within 72 hours of arrival in Spain. Antigen tests will not be accepted.

2. Please bear in mind that before travelling to Spain (even in transit) you must have the QR code which is obtained from filling in the Health Control Form (FCS in Spanish) available in Spain Travel Health (SpTH).

How can I get the FCS QR Code?You can download the FCS QR Code on the website of Spain Travel Health or through your mobile phone (apps for Android or iOs devices).
When the Spanish authorities can request you to show the FCS QR Code? Please take into account that airlines or maritime companies may ask you for the FCS QR code before boarding and the personnel of the control devices in the airports and ports at the point of arrival may also require you to present it.

Requirements on returning to your country

Notice: The UK Government is no longer recommending not to travel to Spain for non-essential reasons. In addition, from 19th July, travellers coming from Spain –which remains within the “amber” category– who have received the full vaccination programme set out by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and who are UK residents will not need to comply with the quarantine requirement or taking a COVID test on the 8th day of their arrival, when entering England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. In all cases, it is still necessary to take a test before leaving Spain and another test on the 2nd day after returning.

Travel back to the UK.

Spain is currently categorized as an “amber” country.

Click here for up to date information on the requirements to enter the UK

If you’re travelling to England. Click here for up to date information on the requirements to enter the UK.

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If you’re travelling to Scotland.

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If you’re travelling to Wales or Northern Ireland.

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